Champaign County Environmental Stewards

Reducing pollution through material management solutions

CCES is a non-profit community organization formed in 2019 to support efforts to provide area citizens with safe and convenient collection options for household materials that pose potential problems at the end of their useful life.

Your donation helps CCES to advance safe and convenient collection options in Champaign County for potentially problematic household materials – every dollar counts!

January Highlights

Why Recycling Glass is Important


Some glass currently collected in Champaign and Urbana has nowhere to go because a main Chicago-area company that used to receive glass no longer does. So it is even challenging to find recycling options for the glass collected from the C-U area.

CCES and Mack Glass are working to change that! We are in conversation with Ripple Glass, Owens-Illinois, and the Glass Packaging Institute to initiate a viable glass recycling program for Champaign County. We are looking at successful glass recycling programs in other states and are evaluating options to ensure that all glass collected locally is recycled into new products, proves economically viable for hauler & recyclers, and is convenient for participating residents & businesses.

Facts About Glass Recycling:
  • Glass is infinitely recyclable without loss of quality or purity

  • 31% – 33% of glass containers in the US are recycled

  • 8 million tons of glass landfilled in the US in 2018 = 5.2% of all solid municipal waste

  • Close to 66% of glass waste is landfilled in states without bottle redemption programs

  • Close to 95 million tons of CO2 is emitted worldwide annually from glass manufacturing

  • Using 10% more recycled glass in manufacturing lowers CO2 emissions by 5%

Facts Sources:

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Community Collection Events

The next annual IEPA-Sponsored

One-Day HHW Collection in Champaign County

takes place in Spring 2022

Click here for info about other IEPA HHW Collection options available in Illinois

The next Residential Electronics Collection takes place on Saturday, May 21, 2022

Click here
E-Guide for Residents 
Local, year-round options to recycle/ reuse unwanted electronics items


Recycle Paper and Books

Click here

  • Public Recycle Drop-Off Center

  • Curbside Recycling Options

Yardwaste & Brush Collection

Landscape Recycling Center

Yardwaste accepted from residential and commercial customers – Year-round 

Champaign Township

Champaign Township residents only
3900 Kearns Drive, (217) 352-0321

Village of St. Joseph

2021 Brush Pickup
April 5—October 8

Village of Ogden

2021 Brush Pickup
1st & 3rd Mondays, March 1-December 1

Village of Rantoul

2021 – 2022 Brush and Leaf Collections Schedule  Visit Rantoul website for details 

City of Champaign

2021 Fall Yard Waste Collection is October 11 through December 10 

Click here for additional info. 


City of Urbana

Remaining dates: November 29 – December 3

Click here for additional info.