Recycle & Reuse Common Household / Business Materials

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Where Do I Recycle It?

The itemized list below includes locations throughout Champaign County that may accept items or materials for recycling or reuse, or provide proper disposal of unwanted items.*

CCES will update this list on a regular basis. CCES welcomes additional information about local recycling opportunities.

Please provide your comments and additional information to CCES here.

Please call locations for further instructions, fees ($) and hours.

For items considered household hazardous waste (e.g., oil-based paints, harsh cleaners with acid or lye, pesticides), check out our household hazardous waste page.

* Disclaimer: The CCES list of local recycling opportunities does not constitute any company endorsement. CCES updates the list regularly and acknowledges that each current local recycle or reuse opportunity may not yet be included on the list.