Next Residential Electronics Collection on October 10

About Residential Electronics Collection (REC) events...

Held twice a year in Champaign, in mid-May and mid-October. Open only to residents of participating communities in Champaign County. Click here to see a list of all participating communities and online registration information.

  • Residents must register online in advance to attend. Registered participants can bring up to seven electronic items per household, with a limit of up to four TVs per household at no charge.
  • Online registration for the REC event on October 10, 2020 begins on September 1, 2020.
  • To register and for additional information, visit the REC online registration site:
  • If you would like assistance registering to attend a REC, contact your local government recycling coordinator:

City of Urbana residents: Courtney Kwong, 217.344-2302 or

City of Champaign residents: Nichole Millage, 217.403-4780 or

Other Champaign County residents: Susan Monte, 217.819-4127 or

These listings are not intended to constitute company endorsements.